ER WhatsApp APK v35.10 Download Free For Android

v 35.10
The well-known messaging service WhatsApp has been modified to become ER WhatsApp. Because it has functionality that the official WhatsApp does not, this version is different.
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v 35.10
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You’ve come to the correct place if you want to download ER WhatsApp 2023 for your Android phone or tablet. We will walk you through the simple steps to download and install the app in this guide. But first, let’s review some of the main features of this mod WhatsApp. The most popular messaging service. Sending messages, photographs, and movies that self-destruct after a specified amount of time is one of its distinctive features. Your private talks can remain completely private with the help of this tool.

In addition to self-destructing texts, this mod program also enables voice and video chats between users. Additionally, there is no restriction on how many individuals you can add to your contact list, which makes it an excellent choice for group chats. This mod menu is also similar to Immune WhatsApp.

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This mod menu is special because it is based on the famous Turkish drama serial Ertugrul Ghazi. The program presents the story of a remarkable Muslim leader who has brought pride to Muslims throughout history. The creators of this incredible device were inspired by the famous Muslim fighter Ertugrul and named it “ER” in honor of his outstanding leadership skills.

What is ER WhatsApp Mod APK?

The well-known messaging service WhatsApp has been modified to become ER WhatsApp. Because it has functionality that the official WhatsApp does not, this version is different. Ertugrul Ghazi, a well-known Muslim fighter, served as the model for it, which aims to provide users with a more streamlined and useful messaging experience.

The virtual communication environment has various changes thanks to this mod APK, an unapproved substitute for the original WhatsApp. Users may change or remove UI elements of the app, giving them greater freedom to personalize their messaging experience. This creates a wonderful user experience.

One benefit of this mod menu is that it has fresh features that the original version of WhatsApp does not have. For consumers, these features improve communications by making it more efficient and enjoyable. You may use it right away because it’s simple to download and install on your Android device.

Features of ER WhatsApp

Theme Customization:

The ability to change the theme of the app is one of its advantages. As a result, users can customize their chat experience by selecting from a variety of colors and backdrop graphics. With this, you can select a theme that goes with your aesthetic or state of mind, making the app more appealing visually and fun to use.

Freeze Active Status

This feature enables users to freeze their active status, preventing other users from seeing their online status or last seen date. Users that value their privacy and don’t want to constantly receive messages or notifications may find this feature to be helpful.

Status View

You may check the status updates and stories of your connections using this mod software. Although the official WhatsApp app also offers this feature, this goes a step further by enabling you to check your contacts’ stories and statuses without them being aware of it.

Download Stories

You may quickly download your contacts’ stories and status updates with this feature. If you want to bookmark a certain status or story that you enjoy or if you want to watch it later offline, this tool can be helpful.

Limitations of using ER WhatsApp Mod APK

Risks to security – It was not created by the original developers of the official WhatsApp software; it is a modified version. As a result, utilizing customized software may present possible security hazards, such as the danger of malware or data theft.

Loss of Get Official Support – Its creators do not support it and it is not an official app. This implies that you won’t be able to get official assistance or support if you run into any problems with the software.

Issues with Compatibility – it may not work properly for all devices, and users may encounter bugs or issues while using the application.

ER WhatsApp Download For Android

Download the APK file for this modified program, then tap it to begin the installation process on your Android device. Enable “Unknown sources” in your device’s settings if you receive a warning. Open the app after installation, then log in using your phone number. You can now utilize all of its functions. Just be cautious when using the app and safeguard your smartphone.

Our Short Review on ER WhatsApp Update 2023

Custom themes, the option to freeze your active status, and the ability to download your contacts’ stories and statuses are just some of the unique features that the app offers that are not present in the official WhatsApp. Ertugrul Ghazi, a legendary Muslim fighter, inspired the program, which has been modified for more user-friendly and useful features. In general, it’s a great choice for those who want a more specific and personalized texting experience. Users should be made aware of the potential risks and pitfalls of using custom programs, including security issues and the possibility of losing access to their accounts as with any unofficial app.


You can access several hidden features that are not present in the regular WhatsApp by downloading it. More chances for communication and interaction with your contacts may result from this. So, if you’d like to download and install this exciting messaging app on your Android handset, stay reading to find out how.

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